We aspire to do more than simply go viral and disappear. Anyone can do that.

We want to reach the hearts of the audience in ways that captivate them for life. Audiences are constantly bombarded by hours upon hours of meaningless content with empty messages. We understand what makes people tick, how to tap into their passions and what makes them truly buy into a brand.


We are a team of storytellers, explorers, designers, creative strategists and big picture thinkers whose individual skills align to ensure our work always engages, inspires and pushes the boundaries. Everyone is searching for something that inspires them.

Bring Your Brand to LYF

We want to use our platform and storytelling abilities to bring your brand/ideas to life. Everyone is searching for something that inspires them. We tell meaningful stories that change your perspective on things (We tell stories that stick). Our creative and powerful content has the goal of impacting culture and exploring what humanity is/what it means to be human.

Reach the Right People, the Right Way

The digital generation is notoriously difficult-to-reach, but with the right targeting, you are captivating our audience group that is defined as cultured and educated, and filled with creative thinkers, young professionals and influencers. Our vast expertise when it comes to content creation, storytelling and branding consists of talents work closely with leading industry brands.

We provide a number of different services and options to a wide range of clientele:

Creative Production

  • Art Direction
  • Artwork
  • Print
  • Branded Film/Video
  • Editorial Design


  • Content Development
  • Brand & Identity Development
  • PR & Social Media Strategy
  • Native & Paid Advertisement
  • Media & Influencer Partnership
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